About La Vista City Centre

Centrally located in the Greater Omaha Metro, La Vista City Centre was created in collaboration with the community to become the downtown La Vista has never had.

City+Ventures and the City of La Vista have been engaged in this collaborative planning effort since 2015 to create a neighborhood where residents can congregate and celebrate. City Centre will meet that need, providing many of the services residents take for granted in other parts of the metro as well as drawing new crowds to the businesses and the unique retail, dining, and entertainment options.

City Centre will serve as not only the entertainment hub of Sarpy County, but it will also provide a mixed-use space including office space opportunities, hotel accomodations, neighborhood services, restaurants, and apartment living.

One of the ways this district will stand out from others in the Omaha area is the focus on genuine self-expression. Retailers will each have a unique storefront, which will allow them to extend their brand and make a distinct footprint. City Centre will feel more like an authentic downtown than a cookie-cutter development.

The first round of apartments are open currently and the construction on more businesses is underway.

La Vista City Centre Site Plan